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Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta


Order of Malta World Day 2023

Order of Malta World Day 2023

On Saturday 14 October 2023, the first Order of Malta World Day will be held, involving 34 Italian squares and more than 10 countries worldwide.

The aim of the day is to make people aware of the work performed daily by the Order of Malta’s volunteers and, at the same time, to present the various initiatives and projects planned at national and international level. There will also be an opportunity to undergo free screening and tests and to attend simulated first aid interventions.

Poste Magistrali created a special postmark dedicated to the event, which reproduces the Order of Malta World Day logo. As the Poste Magistrali counter located inside the Magistral Palace in Rome will be closed to the public on Saturday 14 October 2023, the use of the stamp for the dispatch of correspondence will exceptionally also be permitted on Monday 16 October.