Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

Italian Air Force centennial. Joint issue with Vatican City and Italy

On sale Yes
Face value Souvenir sheet 2,80 €
Stamp description

the entire surface of the souvenir sheet depicts a black and white photograph from the late 1940s, published in the January 1952 issue of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s illustrated magazine.  It depictd three Italian Air Force SIAI MARCHETTI S.82 “Marsupiale” planes with the insignia of the Sovereign Order of Malta flying over Rome and the Vatican City.

On the right of the central part of the sheet is a detail of one of the three aircraft and the dome of St Peter’s Basilica, with perforations on three sides forming the stamp. Inside is the writing “SOVRANO MILITARE ORDINE DI MALTA” and “POSTE MAGISTRALI”, the coat of arms of the Order’s activities, the face value € 2.80 and the legend in gold “AERONAUTICA MILITARE 1923 2023”.

The aircraft on the stamp has the Italian aeronautical and Order of Malta cockades highlighted in colour, as well as the Italian flag, present on the fuselage and under the wing. Along the top of the sheet is the inscription in gold “CENTENARIO DELL’AERONAUTICA MILITARE”, and immediately below, centred, the official logo of the centenary of the Armed Force, also in gold. At the bottom of the sheet, on two lines, the words “EMISSIONE CONGIUNTA MILITARE ORDINE DI MALTA – CITTA’ DEL VATICANO – ITALIA”.

Date of issue 23 March 2023.
Face values € 2.80.
Size 45 x 35 mm.
Perforation 14 ½ x 14 ¼.
Souvenir sheet size 136 x 88 mm.
Print run thirty thousand souvenir sheets.
Printed by Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, Francia, in offset.