Sovereign Military Hospitaller
Order of St John of Jerusalem of
Rhodes and of Malta

World Youth Day Lisbon 2023

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Face value Postal card € 1,30
Stamp description

the pre-printed franking impression at top right, enclosed in a mock perforation characterised by the insertion on the left and right sides of the Order of Malta’s octagonal cross, depicts a symbolic image inspired by the official logo of World Youth Day Lisbon 2023. In particular, it depicts a young man wearing the event’s t-shirt, the event’s official rosary and some architectural elements recalling the city of Lisbon.

Completing the vignette are the inscriptions “SOVRANO MILITARE ORDINE DI MALTA” and “POSTE MAGISTRALI”, the legend “GIORNATA MONDIALE DELLA GIOVENTÙ LISBONA 2023”, the emblem of the Order of Malta’s activities and the face value “€ 1.30”. At the bottom right, five continuous lines for the addressee’s address. At the top left, a box with the legend “CARTOLINA POSTALE CARTE POSTALE” and the indications “C.A.P.”, “LOCALITÀ” and “PROV.” for the sender’s address. In the centre, vertically, there is the inscription ‘Impronta di affrancatura gentilmente concessa dall’operatore postale portoghese CTT Correios de Portugal”. At the bottom left, the official logo of World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 is reproduced.

Date of issue 26 July 2023
Face values € 1,30
Souvenir sheet size 150 x 105 mm. - franking impression format 40 x 30.5 mm.
Print run three thousand numbered postal cards.
Stamp sheet
Printed by Tipografia Mariti, in offset.